Land Dražice, Jelenje, 2.000m2

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Dražice, Jelenje
Square size:
2.000 m2
Dražice, Jelenje

About real estate

Flat, cleared land in the center of Dražice, ready for construction, without the need for excavation, located in a position in the vicinity of family houses and villas. The terrain consists of three parcels. One parcel has a size of 1155m2, another 370m2, and the third 481m2. It has access to the road. According to the extracted location information, the land is located in the construction zone and it is possible to build a family house or a three-story residential building. Proper documentation, no burden. The first plot next to the road is within the built-up area of the settlement and a building permit can be obtained immediately. The possibilities are various because the plot area is 1155m2, and the minimum plot for construction is 250 to 400m2, depending on whether it is a row, semi-detached or detached. Theoretically, a series of 4 buildings can be built, two at the end on plots of 300m2 and two in the middle on plots of 250m2. All together 1100m2. The disadvantage is that the plot has an extremely small width, i.e. 15-16m. The minimum distance of the house from the edge of the plot is 3 m if a building with a ground floor and an upper floor is being built. So 9 to 10 m remain for the building. The most realistic is that the land is intended for one or at most two detached houses. The municipality of Jelenje is located in the northwestern part of the Croatian coast, 15 km from Rijeka and 20 km from Opatija. It covers 142 square km of karst terrain, at an average altitude of 300 m. The climate is Mediterranean-continental. About thirty mountain peaks rise along the edges of the Grobnica field. These are the Grobnik Alps. We highlight Hahlić, which, at 1,100 meters above sea level, offers a wonderful view of Kvarner. Hahlić has a mountain lodge, the oldest on the Croatian coast, which, after a thorough renovation, was declared the best in Croatia by the Croatian Mountaineering Association in 2010. For all other information, contact an agent with confidence. Jana Hodak licensed agent 098/1671-888 Spatium nekretnine +385 51 272 903

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  • Land type: Construction