Land Žegoti, Kastav, 4.502m2

ID Code2045
Square size:
4.502 m2
Žegoti, Kastav

About real estate

KASTAV, ŽEGOTI, we offer a construction plot of 4,502 m2. The terrain currently does not have an access road, although it is located in the construction zone S4, but it is planned according to the spatial plan. Kastav, a town that watches over the northernmost part of Kvarner from a 365-meter-high hill, is much more than an old fortress, and its story begins in distant history. There is almost no period in the past of our wider homeland that was not marked by the mention of the Kastava name. From the prehistoric settlement from the Paleolithic era, the Roman camp to the arrival of the Croats. Today, the area of the town of Kastava is not large, but in ancient times the Kastava lordship extended all the way to the slopes of Učka, so Veprinac and Mošćenice were part of the Kastava captaincy. In its ancient towers, the medieval Lodge, the walls of Crekvina, the church of St. To Jelena Križarica, the old barn on Lokvina Square and the former captain's castle, in one wing of which the city government still sits today, Kastav keeps almost all of its told and untold, still living and long-forgotten stories. For all other information, contact the agent with confidence. Jana Hodak licensed agent 098/1671-888 Spatium nekretnine +385 51 272 903

Additional info

  • Land type: Construction
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