Land Šapjane, Matulji, 9.941m2

ID Code1431
Šapjane, Matulji
Square size:
9.941 m2
Šapjane, Matulji

About real estate

PASJAK, we received an agricultural land in the offer, the access to which is located in the immediate vicinity of the main road. The land is located near the border with Slovenia (distance approx. 1km) and on one side overlooks the Croatian villages, while on the other side you can see the Slovenian hills. Pasjak, a village on the Karst in the municipality of Matulji, in Croatia, located on the border with Slovenia. North of the village is the border crossing of the same name, where the northern end of the D8 road is located. For other information, please feel free to contact us. Robert Žauhar +385 92 177 5404 Spatium nekretnine +385 51 272 903

Additional info

  • Ownership certificate
  • Land type: Agricultural
  • Purpose: other