Land Boljun, Lupoglav, 102.058m2

ID Code250
Boljun, Lupoglav
Square size:
15.300 m2
Boljun, Lupoglav

About real estate

ISTRIA, Lupoglav, we received an offer for agricultural land in Lupoglav of 15,300 m2. LUPOGLAV, is located in central Istria, about 10 km west of the entrance to the Učka tunnel, on the way to Buzet. The municipality of Lupoglav occupies 92.19 km2, which is 3.27% of the territory of the Istrian County (2822 km2). The seat of the municipality is in Lupoglav. Lupoglav has five standard functions that mark the centrality of a settlement, i.e. primary school, clinic, administration, post office and grocery store. Thus, Lupoglav forms a network of central settlements of Istria. In the municipality of Lupoglav, the population is settled in eight larger settlements, namely: Boljun, Boljunsko Polje, Brest pod Učkom, Dolenja Vas, Lesiščina, Lupoglav, Semic and Vranja. The road system of the municipality of Lupoglav covers internal needs well. There is a relatively dense network of local roads, as well as in the entire County of Istria, compared to the national average, but with poor technical characteristics. For all other information, contact an agent with confidence. Andrea Kapetanović 099/377-1099

Additional info

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  • Land type: Agricultural