ID Code1397
Grižane-Belgrad, Vinodolska Općina
Square size:
600 m2
Grižane-Belgrad, Vinodolska Općina

About real estate

GRIŽANE, we have received a building plot in Kostelj, with an area of 600 m2. A building permit was issued for a family house: ground floor and first floor (P+1). The total gross area of the building is 199.03 and the net area of the building is 167.9 m2. Utilities have been paid and excavations, retaining walls, and part of the foundation have been completed. Electricity and water are near the field. There is a possibility of buying the neighboring land. Grižane, a place in Vinodol, was one of the towns of the Vinodol Dominion in the Middle Ages. It has been the property of the Frankopan princes of Krk since 1225. It was first mentioned in 1288 in the Vinodol Law. Crikvenica was the port of Griž at that time. Kaštel Grižane played a central role in the history of protecting Vinodol. The very name Grižane comes from the word griža, which means cliff, because the castle itself was built on a cliff naturally separated from the mountain. For all other information, please contact us with confidence. Igor Stanić mediation assistant + 385 91 533 9307 Spatium nekretnine + 385 51 272 903

Additional info

  • Water supply
  • Electricity
  • Building permit
  • Ownership certificate
Close to
  • Sea distance: 4500
  • Land type: Construction
  • Purpose: residential