About us

About us
This is Spatium. We are more than just a real estate agency, a real estate broker, or a space. The story of Spatium real estate began with Vedran Prica. He started working in real estate four years ago, and thanks to his determination, skill, and knowledge, he has become a very successful real estate agent. His desire prompted him to establish a real estate firm in the Istria and Kvarner region that brings together a group of competent and qualified brokers. Quality, promptness, ability, and trust are the core values of the Spatium team.
The Spatium team listens carefully to you while you are making the most important decision of your life, whether you are selling, buying, renting, or investing.

The services we offer
We also provide credit intermediation services and Energy Performance Certificates. Our service area includes Istria and the counties of Primorje and Gorski Kotar.
Send an email to info@spatium.hr for more information about the services.

Goal, mission, and vision
First and foremost, we want to provide excellent service, transparency, and open communication to the market. The client's trust is essential for a successful and enjoyable buying and selling process, which we naturally wish for all of our clients. Our agents have a successful method for handling the buying and selling processes thanks to years of experience and training. They will always be at your service, showing their skills and abilities, being prompt, and maintaining the highest level of service throughout the process.
Our mission is to demonstrate to our clients that we do not sell real estate but rather buy it with them. We are focused on the client and his satisfaction.